Best Brunch Restaurants in Salcedo Village

After five years of trying as many restaurants as I can, I still don’t have a go to place. Best Pizza in town? Best burger in town? Best Mexican place? I don’t have a clear answer for any of these questions. They are all just meh, and none really stand out. This is something I miss most about back home where you have a favourite everything!

The only thing I can put this down to is a lack of access to quality produce. Some of the food out in the provinces is seriously amazing! In the city is just ok. Plenty of places that are good, but always lacking a certain something.

Breakfast is another story. Around Makati they have really nailed the breakfast/brunch options to the point where some mornings I cannot decide which place to go to. This is a godsend! I love a good Saturday morning brunch to ease into a relaxing weekend, and unwind from a long week at work…. Or to cure a hangover from the night before.

There is a concentration of these places that starts at the corner of Dela Costa & Leviste streets in Salcedo Village.


There has been a number of these pop up in recent years with branches opening in The Fort, Legazpi Village and Salcedo Village. It is a bakery style café with a breakfast menu that enough variety to fit in with whatever your morning mood is. You have your typical breakfast options plus a few others out of left field which are awesome. The Chorizo Fundido and Shakshouka give you something meaty and cheesy to dip away at with the house bread which is always awesome.

The only disappointing thing about this place is it is hard to get some good pancakes. They have a weird German thing which is like a rolled up crepe. Tastes decent, but doesn’t hit the spot for breakfast pancakes. There are also a thick berry pancake option on the lunch menu, but they are a bit dry and lack berries.

It is also open for dinner, but don’t bother. Breakfast is where its at.

The Wholesome Table – Infinity Towel Suites

Speaking of pancakes, if this is what you want then head up to the corner to the venue. Here you will find the option pancakes. With the organic and fresh ingredients this really stands out when it is done right. I have had them very undercooked once though and they were terrible.

The also boost nitrous free ham in all their dishes. I have no idea what that means, but it sounds like we are avoiding something poisonous that is in every day ham. Who knows…

All of this organic’ness will cost you though. Expect to pay a bit more for your meal here and if you are hungry you might be pushing p2,000 for two people. After getting poor quality pancakes I have not been back due to the price. They are hard to beat though when done right.

Toby’s Estate Coffee Roasters

The breakfast menu is very limited here with only four choices. It is a nice place to hangout though and the coffee is seriously awesome! The only place I have been able to get a Flat White for my coffee.

Three of the four menu choices come served in a skillet… I didn’t know what this was until they served it to me. It is basically a fry pan. So you have a couple of eggs plus whatever your order was on top of that. Bacon, salmon etc.

While the food is decent, it is not so easy to share. I always get massive food envy and prefer to have a few dishes on the table to pick away at together. This is the norm in the Philippines, which I love! Back home in Australia it is not so common.

The other two places have Toby’s beat for food choice and quality, but their coffee is a clear winner.

The street itself is fairly quiet and laidback on the weekend. Makes for a nice Saturday or Sunday morning. On Saturdays you also have the Salcedo Markets just nearby if you want to stroll down there to get some fresh produce and check out what is on offer.


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